Tuesday, 15 February 2011


We have our next meeting in the area I'm likely to be working in, at Buckden next Tuesday. Just looking into travel plans and thought I may as well document them here for future reference.

Buses from Skipton to Buckden: 72/R (nb timetable last updated 2008 - worth a phonecall to check times haven't changed!)
Craven Routes - list of bus services

To get to Buckden by 1 I'd need to get the 12:00 bus from Skipton, thus leave Leicester by train 7:57 via Derby and Leeds, arr. 10:55 (time for early lunch/quick wander round Skipton!)
If returning same day: last bus from Buckden to Skipton is at 13:15 (before the meeting starts!)
Last train from Skipton is 19:18 via Leeds & Bm'ham arr. Leciester 23:20 BUT the last train I can use a return on (via Leeds, Derby, Beeston) is 18:16 and the shorter, more direct route (via Leeds & Sheffield) is at 17:19 arr. Leicester 20:23

Places to stay:
in Buckden - Redmire Farm  (doesn't mention if dogs allowed)
                    - Low Raisgill b&b (doesn't mention if dogs allowed)
                    - Hillcroft cottage - 1 bed,s/c (no dogs)
in Cray - White Lion Inn (dogs allowed in some rooms at small cost)
in Kettlewell - YHA (no dogs) - (reopens 11th March)
in Malham - YHA (no dogs) open! (however I can't find any bus routes that fit from Skipton to Malham or Malham to Buckden...)

Had thought I'd drive up Monday and spend a couple of days exploring/testing for phone signal etc/gathering material & developing ideas. Weather forecast's not looking too good at the moment, hence looking into alternative options - might be better to spend the time on the train instead!

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