Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Second Visit and Meeting

Yesterday I met with staff from the National Trust and Dales National Park, Stuart (the other artist working in this part of North Yorkshire) and Rick and FranceLeigh (project manager and coordinator) from Chrysalis, at Buckden.

Lots of good tips from Karen about how people interact with the 30 or so geocaches she 'manages', and extra things to consider when placing caches in the Park. Bird nesting patterns, rare flower cycles, military land use and local food production were amongst the topics raised discussing the landscape.

It was interesting to hear how Stuart's project is developing. Recapping Hunter Gatherer reminds me how much has happened just since my last visit 2 weeks ago - with the app in its third iteration and a definite pattern for number of caches, interaction with the locations and cycle of the digital media artwork, and a clearer idea of size, shape and necessities of the vital physical artefact - the geoArtcache container.

Just spending a couple of days and nights here, meandering around the park, soaking up the ambience and making a space to notice the things and places that catch my attention has been very useful. I can feel movement of the magical creature whose song we can almost hear whispering on the wind and sparkling off the dry stone walls. Maybe we'll get to know it more as people interact and share their stories about the treasures they discover.

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