Thursday, 10 February 2011

First gathering on location...

Just spent the afternoon with Sean at Cuttlefish setting me up to test the first iteration of the interface for Gatherer iphone app. Exciting! Brilliant to try this out on screen for the first time after months of behind-the-scenes paper experiments, ideas and 'what ifs'...  Already lots of new ideas for how I could use it, and very interesting to experience the differences between paper (which we based it on as a starting point) and touchscreen. Much moreenticing to remake and play with 'what ifs' on screen. For now I can just save the images by making screen grabs, as below. When complete there will be various options for saving, geo-tagging, publishing, contributing to other things...

16:58 Loughborough station, grey , tired but pleased, long journey ahead- already in the road in my mind
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Jackie Calderwood

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