Monday, 28 March 2011

Grid 1000081

{ "grid": { "id": "1000081", "latitude": "51.47689437866211", "longitude": "-0.2860625982284546", "date": "Mon Mar 28 2011 22:00:21 GMT+0100 (BST)", "notes": "xxx", "order": "xxx", "status": "saved" } }Second day of module 3, amazing stuff going on with the framework for change, conditions and maturing change. Wow! And then a lovely interlude showing the group the gatherer app, Athens colour chord film, creating a giant paper grid who h everyone chose to do a square of. (Not what I'd intended but even better!)
And trying out and discussing he questions I've suggested for the gatherer app, with good results & feedback. Lots mor ideas for using treasure hunts and clean space....

More Hardware/ Resource Links

Another waterproof notebook with unruled sections, the Birder's Journal and larger sketch book

ADS: Archaeology Data Service 

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Grid 1000077

{ "grid": { "id": "1000077", "latitude": "51.4769401550293", "longitude": "-0.2861129641532898", "date": "Sun Mar 27 2011 21:31:30 GMT+0100 (BST)", "notes": "xxx", "order": "xxx", "status": "saved" } }First day of module 3 Clean Language training, Kew.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Thinking about the low-tech ways to make and contribute colour grids, I've considered a few options:
things in the box:
a pad in the cache, seperate to the logbook
a combined logbook and grid making booklet
waterproof notebooks
things to take away and send in:
postcards to make a grid and post in (downside: need a PO address, extra costs and handling challenges)

all sorts of interesting sound devices could go in the box, but cost adds up, battery life/replacements and whether people would try to take them away are all issues to consider...
I like these sound labels, designed for medicines, but adaptable for other uses, with 20 second recording. However talking badges also look quite good - particularly as they can't be re-recorded and can have images attached.
They even do a talking treasure hunt set!

or just the recording set and button to fix into something myself and more here.
Crazy sound (and LED) active items from bottle openers to pens...
...or there are ready made birdsong stickers (as a way to learn the calls of different species..)

Sunday, 20 March 2011


I've been out finding a few more caches, and logging finds on the geocache website.
Came across this info on art as treasure: