Monday, 2 May 2011

Images and Uploads

My artwork for the app Splash screen and for use on various artefacts within the cache boxes. 
This will also feature with cache listings at

I've just been uploading the text, gps position and information for the caches, as that needs approval from and I want to check for any missing info when I'm on location later today/tomorrow. We have the art caches from all three commissions listed under the geoartcache membership - but can still identify individual 'hiders' within that. I'm really looking forward to watching the logs and getting feedback from geocachers trying the three different projects.

The first 'birthplace' Hunter Gatherer cache will go public very shortly. The others will go public from the launch of the geoartcache project on 28th May 2011. Who will be FTF ... first to find???

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