Monday, 28 March 2011

Grid 1000081

{ "grid": { "id": "1000081", "latitude": "51.47689437866211", "longitude": "-0.2860625982284546", "date": "Mon Mar 28 2011 22:00:21 GMT+0100 (BST)", "notes": "xxx", "order": "xxx", "status": "saved" } }Second day of module 3, amazing stuff going on with the framework for change, conditions and maturing change. Wow! And then a lovely interlude showing the group the gatherer app, Athens colour chord film, creating a giant paper grid who h everyone chose to do a square of. (Not what I'd intended but even better!)
And trying out and discussing he questions I've suggested for the gatherer app, with good results & feedback. Lots mor ideas for using treasure hunts and clean space....

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